Monday, July 24

look, fork!

my first go at true indian eating - banana leaves and hands! YUM! thanks, stephen!! the man knows the way to this girl's heart (...and stomach!).

Sunday, July 2

Pre-wedding stuff...

Stephen, Joey, Jonathan, Trevor - rehearsing
"queen" delaina?
nothing like a little karaoke to quell pre-wedding jitters
delaina and jonathan at church
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wedding day...

jonathan, stephen, delaina, trevor, joey, troy
yes - it was 110+ F
and more waiting...
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more wedding day...

delaina and me
w/ the bride and groom
jonathan and delaina jewkes
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Tuesday, December 20

meet the herschers!

a bride's refreshment!

the girls (melissa, kate, mags, liz, me, kris)

at their reception.

next up...moriah or liz??

waiting to see his bride...

me, lizabeth, kris.

Friday, November 18

after 6 - aka my intro to climbing

belaying my lead - notice the brake hand never left the rope!

are y'all loving the red helmet as much as i am?

joel leads up "after 6"

pre-climb photo

in all our post-climb just to get back down...

Wednesday, November 16

joel & brett admire vernal fall

...and play at the fall.

when can i go back?

the guys scope climbing routes.

brett helping show off my camera's color accent feature.

just a few photos from my yosemite weekend to keep you until my next post...i'll try to get some shots of sunday's climb from brett. anyone want to come with next time?!

Monday, November 7

cowboy up!

i had guests for the weekend! it was fun to have people around and just hang out for a couple of days. delaina and anna got in on friday night - all were starving so we headed out to d's favorite mexican place for gi-normous $2.50 burritos. (i'm not missing southern california food prices one bit!) sabbath morning, delaina experienced the downside of having your bedroom window facing the duck pond...seems the little guys perceive sane morning hours to be a bit earlier than the rest of us! we got up and ready to head to the armona school gym for homecoming church. we sat, three hungry stomachs talking in a row, wondering when the long-winded speaker would wrap up the journey through his geneology - an hour into the "sermon" delaina bemoaned the fact that the speaker wasn't even born yet! points were finally made and we met delaina's friend joel libby who treated the three of us to an italian feast. pizza and pasta satisfied the knawing! we went back to joel's for a bit before hitting up the fall harvest auction back at the gym. (the libby's have a yellow lab, maggie - my pet-starved self just ate up quality dog time! now i just can't wait to get home to my rose!) daniel moor and brett bissel, fellow walla wallians, are both in the area working now - they joined the group at the auction and we all went for superior dairy treats...AFTER we'd finished our hand-dipped, freshly deep-fried, veggie corn dogs! loaded up on adventist auction food and ice cream, we went back to joel's to watch "cowboy up" - pseudo how-to/documentary by a local bouldering fanatic brett and daniel had met on the rocks that afternoon. (none of you will be getting copies for christmas!) sunday was fairly uneventful - we just lounged and puppy shopped online, then grabbed chinese before the girls left. it was then time for me to turn focus to the was just all too easy to forget about monday's exam over the weekend!

this week's honorable mentions:
*nathan corder, who sent me my first piece of hanford mail
*michelle ward, who scored herself a diamond on friday night
*my music guru and brother, aaron, who has improved the quality of apartment "chilling" by his suggestion: kings of convenience - check 'em out!

Wednesday, November 2

farm fresh...

i'm sitting in my cozy one bedroom apartment in hanford, ca - my bedroom window is open to the ever wafting smells of manure. i have yet to see a cow, but the evidence of their existence is permeating my room. i'm sure by the weekend i will be immune!

i love my little home...the apartment complex is very large and secure complete with an adults only pool and hot tub, tennis courts, work-out room, duck ponds w/ fountains. i'm actually off to run and then soak after i finish my post. i now have food stashed away in my fridge and cupboards. the first night i was here, the only grocery store i could find was a discount place that housed fairly seedy staff and customers at 9 pm. i grabbed my loaf of bread, jar of skippy, and smucker's jam - then paid and bolted. so i had pb & jelly for dinner, breakfast, and lunch. i probably went overboard when i shopped last night - i was just so excited for a clean store with a fabulous produce department! at a population of 40,000+, i'm not convinced that hanford is actually rural! there's a target w/ an internal starbucks...

work is good thus far. i was in dr. engeberg's office my first two days - we've had a fun time! i love the "see one, do one" philosophy! today i did a cortisone injection for sciatica and a routine pelvic. my greatest fear is that i didn't get a sufficient cell sample on the pap smear and the poor lady will have to come back for a re-do! we've scheduled a couple re-visits for skin lesion removals and dr. engeberg keeps checking to be sure they're on days i'll be back - the more procedures the better! so far, i've been primarily shadowing and being pimped on antibiotics, anti-hypertensives, and diabetes meds. too bad i left my pharm book by my door in colton!

well, i'm off to the gym. keep the posts and e-mails coming!

Tuesday, October 25

all i want IS christmas!

i'm generally too strictly adherent to the "rules" of the seasons to appreciate active anticipation of a holiday, but the last few days i've been in a very christmassy mood. not sure the reason why i'm antsy for the holidays - maybe it's because christmas is a warm, cozy time and i'm missing my family and home; maybe because the baby grable will be back from his australian adventure; maybe because it signifies my two weeks of vacation time all year; maybe because maggie's going to be saying "i do" to herscher; maybe because i'll get to leave southern california and go play in the snow. whatever the reason, it's not even halloween and i'm craving starbucks holiday cups, sugar cookies, poinsettias, stockings, white lights sparkling on fresh snow drifts, 'stubby pringle's christmas', the radiating warmth from the fireplace, pan after pan of fudge, handel's messiah, pine scented candles...

i'm sure in no time, christmas will be here. and despite my early awareness of the season, i will likely still not be ready! i'll be in handford for the next three weeks, then a quick trip home for thanksgiving weekend. when i come back it will be just weeks until the flurry of the walter/herscher wedding. then i'll be coasting through my last days of pediatrics with tests through the 23rd. all of a sudden it will be christmas eve and i'll be flying home for the holidays. for now i'll just satisfy my cravings with frank sinatra's christmas collection, the messiah, and a little mariah carey on my ipod; a steaming peppermint mocha; movie night with down comforter and 'love actually'.

although early, i wish you all a glimpse of the fullness and warmth of christmas in your day...even if it is only october! be it flannel sheets, hot drinks, sneaking a christmas tune into your play list, a warm smile from a stranger - merry, merry to all!